Conférences des 12 mai, 26 mai et 9 juin pour connaitre le judaïsme Massorti

Au départ destinées aux futurs leaders de Massorti Europe, les 3 premières conférences des 12 mai, 26 mai et 9 juin seront ouvertes, à tout public.

Le grand avantage c’est qu’elles seront présentées par des interlocuteurs anglophones mais aussi francophones et hispanophones avec traduction simultanée dans les 3 langues. 

It is a great pleasure for me to introduce Masorti Europelatest initiative – Know Yourself: Masorti Judaism Up Closeand Personal. This is new online course on the fundamentals of MasortiJudaism. 

This course is open to the entire membership of the Masorticommunity throughout Europe and is especially appropriate for our movementleadership: Lay Leaders, Educators, Rabbis, Council Members and anyone activelyinvolved in our movement. 

It will be presented simultaneously in English, French andSpanish and will include Rabbis and speakers from across the European Movement andfrom around the World.

The course is made up of 5 units (Masorti Judaism, World, Israel,Europe, Leadership). 

The first part of the course – Masorti Judaism – will beoffered this May and June. See attached flier for details.

Session 1: Tuesday 12th May 2020What is Masorti Judaism? (Rabbi Chaim Weiner and Rabbi Yeshaya Dalsace)

Session2: Tuesday 26th May 2020Masorti Judaism Around the World (I)How does the Masorti Movement work? Key Institutions: The Rabbinical Assembly, Masorti Olami, Rabbinical Schools and Halacha Committees. (With speakers from around the world) 

Session 3: Tuesday 9th June 2020Masorti Judaism Around the World (II)An introduction to Masorti communities around the world with the local leadership. (With community leaders from around the world)

We hope that you will find this interesting and want to bepart. If you have any questions, please be in touch with Rabbi Chaim Weiner at

Flyer and Further Information CLICKHERE

To sign up for the course please CLICK HERE.